Pro-Life Saturday

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Every First Saturday in Birmingham, the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life (founded by Fr. Frank Pavone) hold a prayer gathering outside of one of the abortion mills in the city of Birmingham.  Several of our friars will often participate in these gatherings. 

Previously, the manager/staff of the abortion mill claimed that there were laws in place which prevented pro-life protesters from being within a defined proximity of the mill.  Therefore, we had to gather across the street in order to avoid legal action.  However, the situation changed when the Survivors group came to Birmingham and challenged this so-called “bubble zone” injunction. 

Several members of the group protested on the sidewalk right in front of the abortion mill and were arrested and spent a night in prison.  The Survivors did this several times before an injunction was put in place to allow pro-lifers to protest from the sidewalk outside the mill and to offer counseling to women seeking abortion.  It was an excellent victory!  Check out Survivors at

On the Saturday before Mothers Day, the Missionaries went to work praying and offering sidewalk counseling.  What made this day special was one particular case.  There was a woman considering abortion who agreed to speak with one of the pro-lifers despite the presence of disruptive “Volunteer Clinic Escorts”.  After receiving information about Her Choice (a pro-life pregnancy counseling center), she decided not to have the abortion and go there.  She left the abortion mill with two Mothers Day balloons given to her by pro-lifers!