Re-Enthronement of Sacred Heart and Eucharistic Procession

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

On June 6th our community participated in the annual re-enthronement of the Sacred Heart at Annunciation Friary.  The event began with prayers of consecration in the friary chapel followed by an exhortation by Fr. Anthony. 

Immediately after the prayers in the chapel, the procession began with the statue of the Sacred Heart and the monstrance while the friars participated in singing hymns. 

As each of the friars approached their own cell at the friary, they knelt down in the doorway of their cell while Fr. Anthony blessed them and their cell with the Blessed Sacrament. 

The procession stopped briefly in the refectory for the enthronement and then continued into the House of Studies and concluded in the friary chapel. 

It was a blessed event for our home as well as a reminder of Our Lord’s Sacred Heart which was pierced out of profound love for each and every one of us.