EWTN Apostolate

Through their familial association with the Eternal Word Television Network, the friars use as energetically as possible all forms of mass communication in the apostolate, especially television, radio, Internet, the printed word. Urged on by the love of Christ, with the assistance of Our Lady of the Annunciation and zeal for the salvation of others, the friars as modern day missionaries share in the Church’s mission of evangelization, a work of God’s mercy.

Studio Production

As a catechetical network, EWTN brings the truth and beauty of the Catholic Church to the world. Mother Angelica founded the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word especially to support the work of the Eternal Word Television Network. In prayer, we ask God to bless the programs and to bestow upon the network the power to inspire men to seek holiness of heart, zeal for the extension of the Church, courage to seek after justice and human rights, and patience to endure persecution.

Employee Chaplains

Friars engaged in the EWTN apostolate contribute to the spread of the Gospel particularly through the spiritual support they offer to its employees. Providing the employees with the sacraments, direction and retreats, encouragement and prayer is an important part of the friar’s charism.

Tours and Pilgrimmages

In their apostolate to pilgrims, the friars warmly welcome them and show a genuine concern for their spiritual welfare and growth. EWTN’s Chapel and surrounding grounds provide a place for prayer and contemplation. Tours, talks and time are given to those who come to see the good work God has done through Mother Angelica.