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As Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word, we are a religious order of Priests and Brothers, founded by Mother Mary Angelica, P.C.P.A., in 1987, who are seeking to live an authentic renewal of consecrated life in the Franciscan tradition. Living in obedience, without anything of our own and in chastity, we share a common life of prayer before the exposed Blessed Sacrament and in Total Consecration to the Mother of God according to St. Louis Marie de Montfort. As consecrated friars, we bear new names in religion of various Saints or Blesseds as well as our Blessed Mothers.

We are dedicated to the work of evangelization – preaching and teaching the Catholic Faith so as to seek out the lost and make known to all men the love and salvation of Jesus Christ. “The Lost I will seek out, the strayed I will bring back” – Ezekiel 34:16

Catholic men between the ages of 21-35, who would like more information about our community or are interested in setting up a visit, are invited to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Each of us has a vocation or a call from God – a calling to holiness of life! We ought also to ask the Lord what He wants us to do with our lives. It seems reasonable to assume that most are called to get married, as this is built into our very nature. However, some are called to give themselves entirely to God with an undivided heart and to heed His call to follow Him by entering the priesthood or the consecrated life. We are reminded of this special calling by Jesus’ words: “You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you” (Jn 15:16). We must listen for His voice and for His inspirations as we discern what God’s will is in our lives. If you sense a desire to give more generously of yourself to Christ and to live as he lived – poor, chaste, and obedient – you should waste no time in contacting a religious order faithful to the Magisterium or your diocesan vocation office. After making contact, try to set up a visit. You should have a good idea after making a visit if that particular community or diocese is where God may be calling you to serve Him and His Church unreservedly for the salvation of souls.


The formation and testing of a vocation, both by the candidate and by the Community, extends over the entire period between reception into postulancy and perpetual profession. In addition to seeking to grow in God’s grace and to love Him with all one’s soul, the period of formation also includes being formed in the charism of our community, and in all the elements of religious life, including the spiritual, human, fraternal, apostolic, cultural, pastoral and intellectual dimensions.

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Formation Stages